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The End of the World, Global Warming & The Fiscal Cliff?

Posted on 12/23/2012 by Lisa Bowen

Why on earth would anyone want to bring a child into the world today?  You wouldn't if you were to listen to the news!

Lesson learned?  Don't listen to the news!

In the midst of impending peril, some of which are very real, there is nothing to do but enjoy life and connect with people in your community.  Lisa and I hope you enjoy the holidays and that you are able to appreciate all that you have.


Many Familiar Names With New Faces

Posted on 9/18/2012 by Tim Bowen

It goes without saying that we totally miss those awesome staff members who have recently moved on to new adventures!  Emma is off to grad school at Seattle University, Christy is off to her new teaching career, and Zach is a full-time cellar rat at Mark Ryan Winery.  They are still around and in often enough, just on the other side of the counter with a glass in their hand!

Lucky for us we have found some awesome new staff members.....

      The new Lisa comes to us from San Diego, look out for her killer smile! 

      We stole the charming new Sarah from the old Sarah and Chateau St. Michelle. 

      The new Christie is crazy dynamite in a very small package!  Look out! 

      McKenzie is a great addition and her sweet nature will put a smile on your face!

      Ashley, a culinary student in Seattle, adds some great energy to our team!

Come and get to know our awesome new staff today!

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Fireworks Day or 4th of July?

Posted on 7/3/2012 by Lisa Bowen

I know that my thoughts here are not necessarily new, but still worth revisiting.  My thoughts are inspired by the pre-holiday concussions of fireworks I am enjoying (not) as the July 3rd twilight fades.  It seems that the intensity of emotion that should surround our national and religious holidays is pre-empted the variety of distractions surrounding those holidays.

For me, the 4th of July is no different.  How much do I really know (or recall from grade school) about Independence Day?  As a veteran of the Navy and the first Gulf War, I have some sense of appreciation of the sacrifices that are made to preserve our independence and freedom.  Without Amercia's volunteer military deployed to preserve the freedom the freedom that the blood of our forefathers funded, I might not be allowed to write this note tonight.   Do I truly appreciate my freedoms?  I would like to think so, but it take effort to slow down and appreciate what we are celebrating this July 4th. 

Fireworks Day?  Sometimes it feels that way.  Am I able to convey to my children the priveleges that they enjoy as Americans?  I can only try.

So, I ask you all to share the best way to remember and appreciate the freedoms that we all enjoy this 4th of July. 

P.S.  By the way, Lisa and I are truly enjoying a bottle of Soos Creek Palisade Red Blend that we opened yesterday and which opened up overnight.  Simply smooth and delicious!  We are so blessed in this state with great local wineries.

Happy Independence Day!

The Local Strangers Live Music

Posted on 6/30/2012 by Lisa Bowen

Our first blog entry! 

We have had live music performances on Saturday nights since mid-March, Now we have groupies who make it every Saturday, which I find totally cool.  Then again,I am a total music fiend! Especially when it comes to female vocalists.

We have brought some incredible bands to Woodinville.  Now we are starting to bring our favoirtes back for repeat performances!  The Local Strangers will definitely be invited back! 

Okay, so I might have told Aubrey to turn things up a little too loud to begin with, which didn't work, but nobody is perfect!   The duo performed an incredibly powerful show, moving from soft soulful intros to emotionally captivating choruses.  With their amazing vocals and manaically enthusiastic guitar strums,they provided every audience member with an incredible high-energy show. 


I wont' miss their next show!